What if one-on-ones were like an episode of The Voice?

What is a one-on-one? It’s a conversation between a leader and team member to discuss performance. Where the person is going well and what needs improvement. These meetings should take place often (monthly is a good start) and should be in a neutral space or where the employee feels comfortable. These conversation gems can unearth problems you weren’t previously aware of that may be inhibiting a persons’s ability to do their job effectively (both at work and outside of work).

Regular one-on-ones aren’t a virtual magic wand and won’t fix every problem – but conducting these regularly can help you become aware as a leader of a person’s ability to do their job.

So why aren’t they done? Many organisations simply do not do them as they aren’t aware how beneficial they are, or more likely, managers just don’t know how to do them.

The TV show ‘The Voice’ is very popular. The judges are constantly providing one-on-one coaching and advice to improve performance. They do it well.  Some of these coaching tips won’t convert to the workplace though. Take a look at this very light-hearted video comparing one-on-ones to ‘The Voice’.

Jon Windust is a Partner at Cognology – Talent management software for the future of work. Over 250 Australian businesses use Cognology to power cutting edge talent strategy. You can follow Jon on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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