Transport and Logistics Exclusive: Engaging your Remote Workforce Through Effective Onboarding

When your business is on the road, your HR process should be too. 

As many as 70% of staff in the transport and logistics sector work in non-desk jobs.  Most are remote workers – meaning they don’t work in the company office or aren’t in the same physical location or vicinity as management and their peers. In cases such as these engagement is key to productivity and it all starts from day one with your onboarding process.

A great process starts with a great checklist, that’s why we’ve prepared specifically for the transport and logistics industry.  Complete the form below to gain access to:

  • Best practice tips and tricks to create the best onboarding process for your organisation
  • A ready to use onboarding checklist specific to the transport and logistics industry

Take it to the next level

Start simple, a great process is as easy as a great checklist. Let us show you how! Download our complimentary exclusive transport and logistics onboarding checklist now.