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A talent management system that’s as pretty as a picture

Profile your workforce and find your best people. Identify champions for retention and succession programs. Create talent pipelines for leadership. Tools for HR, senior management and team leaders.


90% of organisations expect the competition for talent to increase over the next 3 – 5 years.

Talent management
Talent management retention

Get to know your talent

People are looking at your workforce through LinkedIn right now. Skills shortages and employee mobility mean that good talent is in high demand and your employees are fair game. Management and retention of your top performers and those with high potential should be a major HR priority for your organisation.

Visualise performance & potential

Visualise the performance and potential with the Talent Map. Look at the whole organisation or just a team. Drill down to find hidden gems with the Talent List. Plan your next steps with the Talent Guide.

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Doing talent management your way

Talent management your style

Based on proven aspects of potential and performance, the talent profiling questionnaire is the ideal way to get started. And if you have your own process or want to add your own touch that’s fine – whatever your style, Cognology supports you in getting the results you need.

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Great on its own or fully integrated

Profile your whole workforce or a specific group. Get great reports and the information you need for succession planning and more.

Want to take things a step further…
Integrate with Career Planning, Development Planning, eLearning and Performance.

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