Performance Appraisal

Align your team to your purpose.

Redefining performance appraisal for the modern organisation.

The Team

  • Transparency and clarity of goals, milestones and KPIs.
  • Real-time feedback and increased recognition.
  • Increased professional development opportunities.

The Manager

  • Access to best practice objectives, competencies and behaviours libraries.
  • Customisable Dashboards and analytics.
  • Capture check-in meetings and feedback sessions.

The HR Team

  • HR, payroll and other integrations.
  • Higher engagement results in performance processes.
  • Streamlined system to reduce overall workload.

Empower managers and employees to reach strategic goals.

Performance management is about more than just reviews. It’s about aligning your people to the goals of your organisation, utilising the portfolio of skills your team have to offer and finding opportunities for growth. Simple, intuitive and with a high level of customisation, Cognology’s performance management solution puts your team front and centre.

Run the best performance plan for every team in your organisation.

Forget an off-the-shelf system where the process is dictated to you. Our performance management solution puts your organisation at the centre of technology, instead of the other way around.

Manage different teams through different projects? No hassles! Looking to manage value driven staff to the same level as KPI driven staff? Simple! High configuration is our priority, so you can get the best performance from each and every staff member year after year.

Performance Management Plan

Take the agile approach to performance management.

We’ve tailored our performance management solution to combine the best of traditional and agile performance management methodology.  With a focus on communication, feedback and recognition, it’s simple to start a conversation with your employees. Here’s how our platform makes performance management easy.

Performance Management Competencies

Superior performance management 

  • Keep a consistent measure of competencies over time.
  • Evaluate behavioural performance against competencies.
  • Track key capabilities for project management and strategy.

Take your team to the next level.

  • Customisable performance reviews.
  • Integrated performance plans.
  • Career planning linked to competencies and eLearning.
Performance Management Dashboard
Performance Management Feedback

Turn insights into actions.

  • Comprehensive individual performance data.
  • Group reporting to identify core strengths and weaknesses.
  • Manager dashboards for quick insights.

Make it social.

  • Digital feedback and recognition.
  • Online project management linked to performance and feedback data.
  • 360 degree review functionality.

Equal parts capability and simplicity.

We’ve developed an innovative solution to put your performance management processes in the spotlight. With a range of customisable features it’s simple to create a complete portal to suit your business needs now and into the future.

Unrivalled insights and comprehensive analytics.

  • Real time tracking for objective/milestone completion.
  • Group reporting to align strengths with strategy.
  • Customisable dashboards to track the metrics that matter to your organisation.

Intuitive Learning and Development.

  • Customisable Learning Resources Library.
  • Interactive eLearning modules and LMS integration.
  • Integrated with competencies, reviews and reporting functionality.

Flawless integration with the applications you need.

  • Leverage the data you have directly into the performance management module.
  • Eliminate double-keying and data cleansing exercises.
  • Ensure a single source of truth for employee information.

Goal driven strategies to meet your business needs.

  • Goal library to match organisational requirements.
  • Automated notifications for managers and teams.
  • Customisable process design and workflows.

“Cognology performance management enabled us to incorporate job design, training and development, career planning and performance appraisals in one mobile solution”

– HR Training Advisor, Saleslink Group

Expect the ultimate in people management.

Take your organisation to the next level with a performance management solution to suit your business needs. Speak to one of our specialists and see how you can make the change today.

Performance Management at LXRA