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Streamline your contracts, paperwork, compliance and policies with HR Onboarding Software from Cognology. The system comes with everything you need to automate your new hire inductions.

  • Easy To Edit Templates
  • Every HR Form
  • Contract Manager
  • Tracking and Reminders
  • Workflow

Cognology is supported locally in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Get a free trial and see how easy onboarding can be.

Induction and Onboarding Software

Rapid Onboarding Of Remote Workers

When face to face is not possible

Face to face onboarding is not possible for many companies at the moment. Cognology’s Onboarding platform can help you bring new hires on quickly and effectively with these tools:

  • Create easily digestible content with familiar editing tools
  • Incorporate videos and illustrations
  • Use common forms or create your own to capture the information you need

Get expert help

If you don’t have the time or resources to implement Onboarding, our experienced team can answer your questions and help you get up and running.

Not just onboarding but intraboarding and offboarding

For companies needing to cover shortages quickly, effective intraboarding of existing team members can make the difference between operations continuing or suffering serious slowdowns.


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Comprehensive and easy to use Onboarding Software

Cognology is comprehensive and easy to use online Onboarding Software. The system is fully featured and is suitable for simple or detailed onboarding processes. Here’s some of the capabilities you’ll find built into the software:

Contract management with Cognology

Simple Contract Management

HR forms with Cognology

Every HR Form All In Once Place

Compliance & Policies with Cognology

Automate Compliance & Policies

Track licenses and certificates with Cognology

Track Licenses & Certificates

Cognology software includes Background & Vevo checks

Background & Vevo Checks


Reporting and data

Reporting & Data Insights

SmartDesigner included

Design Processes With SmartDesigner


Integrate With Your Systems

How does Cognology’s online onboarding system work?

For New Hires

New hires typically experience the onboarding software through their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

They’ll be able to find all the information they need to get started, fill out forms electronically, complete training, agree to policies and learn about your company culture.

Onboarding software for new hires

For HR

HR can create and modify onboarding templates at any time with an easy to use online designer.

New hire processes are easily tracked with an onboarding dashboard and integrations with other systems reducing double handling for HR and payroll.

Onboarding software for HR

For Managers

Managers can participate in their new team member’s onboarding through the easy to use online system.

They can receive information on how to more effectively onboard people into their team and participate in any operational requirements.

Onboarding software for Managers

For Operations, IT and others

Bringing new people into an organisation or team can require orchestrating a number of different groups.

Operations may be required to provide building access, desk, phone and equipment allocations. IT are typically asked to ensure a new hire has access to all of the systems and software they need to complete their job.

Each of these tasks can be automated and tracked through Cognology’s Onboarding Software.

Onboarding software for Operations and IT

Wondering how to make the switch from face to face to online onboarding?

Our team of experts have used their experience moving hundreds of onboarding processes online to put together an article with all the tips you need.