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Automate onboarding and reduce the time you spend managing inductions. Streamline contracts, paperwork, compliance and policies. All while creating a great impression for your new hires.


Fast Track Your New Starters

Streamline your process from the moment a hiring decision is made to the point where that new hire is a productive member of the team.

Companies with effective onboarding experience 54% greater new-hire productivity.

54% greater new hire productivity

Local Support and a Dedicated Manager

We proudly provide local support across all States of Australia and New Zealand. Your purchase comes with a dedicated relationship manager who has the expertise and HR experience to help you get the most from the software.



Contractors and Employees

Cognology onboarding can be used for both contractors and employees. The SmartDesigner tool allows different processes to be easily created for different types of hires.

Smart Designer for contractors and employees

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Simple Contract Management

Manage multiple contracts with ease. Use the electronic signature feature to reduce manual handling and streamline contract acceptance.

Simple contract management

Every HR Form All In One Place

Includes all of the HR forms like TFN Declarations, Banking Details, Emergency Contacts, Superannuation and more. You can also build your own forms with the easy to use SmartDesigner.

Medical Certificate screenshot

Automate Compliance and Policies

Protect your company and provide a safe environment by automating compliance and policies. Use your own or access a library of hundreds of titles from our professional content partners.

Our up-to-date workplace courses are legally compliant for all States of Australia and New Zealand.

Simple, easy to navigate and understand, courses can be completed in around 15 to 20 minutes each. Topics include:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Privacy
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Plus many more available.
Compliance courses

Track Licenses and Certificates of Competency

  • New hires and contractors can upload licenses, certifications and insurance documents.
  • Coordinator access to verify authenticity of uploaded documents.
  • Track license and certificate currency over time with automatic alerts.

Background and Vevo checks

Take the hassle out of police record checks for both the new hire and HR with our simple and fast automated process. And with Cognology’s automation of Vevo right to work checks, the compliance burden for HR is substantially reduced.


Use your own eLearning or access a library of hundreds of titles from our professional content partners. Cognology is compatible with all major eLearning formats.

Reporting & Data Insights

Gain unique insights into your onboarding process with:

  • Comprehensive reporting on all onboarding activities including tasks and training completed.
  • Useful drill-down analytics for data-driven decision making.
  • Real-time dashboards for employees, managers and HR.
Gain unique insights with our reports

Design your own processes with SmartDesigner

With SmartDesigner it’s easy to create and modify onboarding processes. The system supports an unlimited number of process designs for different groups of employees or contractors.

Design your own process with Smart Designer

Onboarding and Offboarding

With Cognology Onboarding you get:

Onboarding for new hires

Onboarding for new hires and contractors

Intraboarding between roles

Intraboarding for moves between roles and groups

Offboarding for resignations and terminations

Offboarding for resignations and terminations

Optional Probationary Reviews

Easily turn on probationary review capabilities to set performance goals, capture check-in conversations and more.

Easily turn on probationary review capabilities

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Integrate With Your Systems

  • HRIS
  • Learning Management System
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment & Applicant Tracking
  • Single Sign-On
  • Active Directory

Increase Productivity, Engagement and Retention

Effective onboarding is proven to reduce turnover. Research has revealed companies can experience as much as a 50% increase in new-hire retention. It has also shown that staff are 69% more likely to remain at a company for up to three years.

Download The Business Case for an Effective Onboarding System for more.

Increase productivity, engagement and retention

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