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Free your desk of paperwork and switch to online inductions

Why it makes sense to automate induction tasks

Use your time better
Automating highly repetitive induction tasks will reduce the time you spend sending, collecting, storing and updating employee information. With less time spent processing, you’ll be free to focus on your people.

Improved accuracy
Keeping accurate employee files isn’t just good business – it’s also a legal requirement. Most processing problems are due to human error. If you can minimise the number of times information is handled or data needs to be keyed into a system, you’ll have fewer mistakes.

Create an awesome first impression
Automated workflows improve the employee onboarding experience. With timely and accurate paperwork and loads of information at their fingertips, your new hire will feel confident and excited about their future with your business.

Gifting time back to HR

Create job offers and send and receive employment paperwork online

Sign new hires up fast with electronic:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employment law information (eg. Fair Work Information Statement)
  • Payroll and personnel forms
  • Tax forms
  • Company policies (with electronic acknowledgements)
  • Declarations
  • Copies of licenses and certifications
  • Insurance tracking
  • Visa documentation
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • ATO integration for efficient processing

Cognology makes it quick and easy to tick all the compliance boxes.

Induction paperwork electronically

Giving your employees and contractors the ultimate new-hire experience

Get ahead of the game with Preboarding
With Cognology’s induction software, you can use information collected during the recruitment process to personalise documents and send them directly to your new hire online before they even start. And with our automated tracking process, you’ll be notified as soon as your new hire receives and completes their paperwork.

Warmly welcome new hires into the fold
Cognology’s induction solution gives you the power to:

  • Send personalised welcome messages and keep in touch with new hires between recruitment and commencement
  • Share team profiles and practical information about the business, the office and facilities
  • Introduce new employees to the internal social media network
  • Share videos, slideshares and documents about your history, strategy, culture, values and purpose
  • Provide answers to FAQ’s and issue employee handbooks

Cognology helps you create an inspiring, consistent and modern experience for every new employee.

Use one system to streamline the whole onboarding experience
Cognology’s induction software makes onboarding run like clockwork. And with these great features, the whole team will love using it:

  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Highly intuitive – so requires very little training
  • Remote and mobile access – staff can use it anywhere, anytime
  • Manage and track all induction activities in one place
  • Create easy to use checklists for managers, new hires and HR
  • Automate provisioning processes to make sure staff have everything they need when they arrive on day 1
  • Built in probationary reviews – set goals, plan training and record feedback
  • Automated notifications for staff and leaders so nothing ever gets forgotten or overlooked
  • Direct access to e-learning without having to leave the induction system
  • Flexible training schedules – staff can stop and start training any time and pick right up where they left off

Take a peek inside Cognology Onboarding

We’ve got everything HR is looking for

Easy to implement
With over 25 years of combined Human Resources operational experience in a variety of different organisations and industries, our HR Relationship Managers at Cognology are on hand to assist you with transitioning your paper based induction packs to an online solution.

Integrates with other platforms
Our induction software links seamlessly with your processes and business platforms. Our solution:

  • Integrates with your recruitment, payroll and HR systems
  • Is compliant with SCORM and AICC
  • Connects to 3rd party hosted eLearning
  • Integrates fully with our performance review system and LMS systems
  • Enables automated provisioning processes to be assigned to other departments

Can grow with you (Scalable and Customisable)
Plan for the future! Cognology’s Induction software supports growth and expansion. It integrates with new systems and processes and can accommodate increasing numbers of users with ease. You can even automate processes for groups of staff (eg. Sales or Customer Service), or even contractors.

Our highly configurable software allows you to customise the way data is stored, displayed, imported and exported to meet your needs. This means you can use the software to support your intraboarding and offboarding processes as well.

Build custom forms and processes
We like to make life easy for HR. Our web based software gives you the ability to quickly and easily create customise forms and processes that fully integrate with your other HR systems. Best of all, this eliminates the need for you to pay further consulting fees and spend days or weeks waiting for development.

Induction elearning

Secure access and electronic signatures
After your new employee has reviewed their paperwork, Cognology’s induction allows them to digitally accept their terms and conditions of employment (including any policy requirements and declarations). And to ensure employment records always remain private and confidential, we have included additional security steps to protect forms from unauthorised access.

Induction Reports

Reporting & data insights
We understand that knowledge is power. Gain unique insights into your onboarding process with:

  • Comprehensive reporting on all induction activities including tasks and training completed
  • Useful drill-down analytics for data-driven decision making
  • Real-time dashboards for employees, managers and HR.

Background and Vevo checks
Take the hassle out of police record checks for both the new hire and HR with our simple and fast automated process. And with Cognology’s automation of Vevo right to work checks, the compliance burden for HR is substantially reduced.

What about after-sales service?

We allocate you your own dedicated HR Relationship Manager to ensure your implementation goes smoothly and you continue to enjoy the full benefits of what our software can do for you.

Cognology’s support team is 100% Australia based.

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