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Why Cognology Onboarding?

Here are some of the things our clients tell us they love most about Cognology Onboarding:

Turbocharged speed to productivity.

Every new employee receives a personalised onboarding dashboard, complete with company strategy, team introductions, compliance training, and everything else they need to get off to a flying start from day one.

Take the paper and work out of paperwork.

Photocopying contracts, chasing up tax forms, processing superannuation details – with our centralised form management workflow, paperwork is a thing of the past. Let us handle the admin, so you can get back to the important stuff.

Simple to use, and fully customisable.

Smartphone, tablet and desktop optimised. Complete drag-and-drop customisability of induction processes. At-a-glance dashboard analytics of onboarding processes across the company. Check, check, check.

Here’s how it all works

Cognology Onboarding takes the hard work out of providing exceptional onboarding experiences for new employees.

From contract signing through to company induction and compliance training, we bring everything together into one simple, streamlined process.


With just the right mix of structure and flexibility, you can design the perfect onboarding process for your needs.

Take inspiration from our collection of best-practice templates, or start from scratch with our intuitive drag-and-drop design interface.

The best part is, once you hit save, your work is done! (But seriously, feel free to grab a coffee, and we’ll take care of the rest of the onboarding process.)


How do I get to the office? What’s the best way to get a parking spot? Where’s the best coffee around here?

A great onboarding starts before day one, and with Cognology Onboarding, it’s easy to help new employees feel like they’re an office expert before they’ve even started.


Cognology Onboarding

Contracts, tax forms, superannuation – Cognology Onboarding can handle it all. It’s simple to set up, and all the information comes back in one place, easy to find and ready to use whenever you need.

You can even integrate your compliance training and assessment – with seamless incorporation of custom e-learning modules, policy acknowledgements, and much more.


Cognology Onboarding Induction

Bring your new hires up to speed with company strategy, role expectations and everything else they need to know – with a rich array of multimedia and text content.

Kickstart team engagement by introducing new hires to the people they’ll be working with, and providing the contact details they need to say hello.

Set up easy-to-understand to-do lists and assign them to new hires, managers or HR, so that everyone is fully across their part in the onboarding process.


Cognology Onboarding - Reports

A single dashboard brings together everything you need to know about how all your new employees are getting settled.

Zoom out for a comprehensive overview, or zoom in to see how a particular department, team or individual is tracking.

What our clients think

Our employees have responded really well to Cognology. They love the fact that it’s electronic – that they can open it up on any kind of technology whether it be their phone or their computer.

Kathryn KeenihanJunction Australia

“Cognology Onboarding provides easy employee  information collection and forms automation efficiencies, but more importantly gives you an opportunity to impress new hires”.

Juhi King
Juhi KingHR Tech Girl

“I thought the whole process was very straight forward. Follow the link, download contract and read fair work documents and you’re done.

Since it’s all online I was able to save a copy of my contract to my phone. I think it’s a great new way of issuing contracts to save paper. The contract can be issued, signed and sent back within minutes cutting out waiting time for both employee and employer”.

JillA happy new user

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Roanne, part of the Cognology team

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