Profile your workforce and find your best people.

Identify champions for retention and succession programs. Create talent pipelines for leadership. Tools for HR, senior management and team leaders.

Competency assessment matrix

Do we have people who can …

The answer to this question is easy and takes no more than a couple of seconds.  Whether you need to find people who can interpret data from subsurface geological investigations or use Photoshop, it’s at your fingertips with our competency assessment software.

Where are our gaps

Your CEO and leadership team have created a brilliant strategy. Now they want to execute it. Can you tell them whether your people have the competencies needed to deliver it?  Sure you can!

Competency assessment chart
Competency asssessment courses, elearning and suggestions

Let’s make something great

You know your gaps, you have your training needs analysis.
Now what?  How about we make something great.  How about we give your people a tool to plan and carry out development. That would be nice.

But what would be even better is if you could give them some options for learning and development. Things like training courses, eLearning and coaching suggestions. That would be really nice.

Wonderfully integrated

Link to your HRM system or integrate with our 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Management or Learning Management modules.

Our Clients

NSW Waratahs
Australian Super
Victoria Police
Cognology's is hosted or on-premise

Up and running in a snap

Getting up and running on our hosted system in a snap.

  • You don’t need servers.
  • Your IT group will love not having to install special software.
  • We help you get up and running.
  • We backup your data.
  • We install regular updates.

There’s also an on-premise solution if preferred.