Competency Management System

Everything you need to assess, analyse and develop competencies

Profile your workforce, find your best people and identify skill gaps. Cognology’s online competency management system has all the tools you need to assess competencies, produce rich reports and develop capabilities.

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Simplify Assessments

  • Automate assessments, tracking and reporting.

Identify Skill Gaps

  • Get instant reporting to identify skill gaps, areas of strength and common development needs.

Develop Competencies

  • Give people the tools to build their capability.

Automate competency assessments

Managing competency assessments manually usually involves hundreds of spreadsheets being emailed back and forth. This is a time consuming and error prone process.

Automate Competency Assessments

Cognology solves your competency assessment needs by simplifying each step in the process. It removes the need for manual handling and there are no spreadsheets.

Here’s how it works:

  • Emails are sent by the online system to participants.
  • Participants use a link in the email to access the online assessments.
  • Completing the assessments is as simple as ticking the boxes.

Easy user interface

Cognology is designed with user experience in mind. The interface adapts to the device it is being used to provide a seamless experience.

  • Use it on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Brand the system with your company logo, color scheme and pictures
  • Customise terminology
Easy user interface
Tracking and Reminders

Tracking and reminders

The Cognology Competency Management System automatically tracks your process. This helps you to ensure a quality process while completely eliminating an otherwise time consuming task.


  • See the status of your process at-a-glance and in detail at any time

Automated Reminders

  • Decide when you want reminders sent and how frequently


  • Track review completion status, development planning, development activity completion and more

Competency library editor

Cognology comes with a prebuilt library of behavioural competencies. You can use any of the 25 high level competencies and over 170 supporting behaviours. The system comes with a competency library editor for customising the library and adding your own competencies. You can also create role based templates by picking and choosing items from the library.

Competency Library Editor
Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and analysis

In the new world of work organisations need to know if their workforce has the capabilities needed to fulfill their strategic plan. The Cognology Competency Management System includes powerful reporting to quickly and easily identify skill gaps. You can access a range of chart and table based reports for analysing and understanding your workforce competencies.

Identify Gaps

  • Identify areas of strengths, gaps in skills and common areas needing development

Slice & Dice

  • Report on groups or the whole organisation

Benchmark and comparisons

  • Show people how they compare to benchmarks, groups or previous years

Learning and Development

The competency management system is not just a tool for assessing and reporting on competencies. It’s also for helping people to learn and grow their capabilities. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – complete a competency assessment
Step 2 – use the reports to identify strengths and areas for development.
Step 3 – use the planning tool to map out and complete development activities

Learning and Development

Competency matrix

The competency matrix is a flexible tool with a number of uses. It maps a group of people against a chosen set of competencies. Each competency is displayed along the top of the matrix and people are listed down the side. The competency matrix can be exported to Excel or CSV so you take your data further.


  • Compare people against a chosen set of competencies


  • Rank on individual competencies or overall

Strength Indicator

  • Colors visually help you see strengths and weaknesses at a glance

Drill In

  • For multi-rater assessments drill into the spread of ratings for any given competency

Finding people with matching competencies

With the powerful search feature in the Cognology Competency Management System you can find people who match specific competencies. Just choose the competencies, set your minimum skill level and the software will return a matching list. Results are ranked and skill levels are displayed for the chosen competencies.

This capability has a number of uses. You can use it to find:

  • Mentors
  • Subject matter experts
  • People to work on a project

Take competency management further with our fully integrated options

Cognology’s sole focus is people management. This means our suite has extensive capabilities that work together seamlessly to help you drive your strategy.

Take your competency assessments further by integrating with any of these optional modules.

360 degree feedback

Performance Management


Succession Planning

Talent Profiling

Provide additional insights with multiple perspectives

Align your people, manage goals, check-ins and reviews

Robust tools for managing learning

Have a healthy bench of candidates planned for key roles

9 box matrix for mapping performance and potential

How we support you

From the moment you come onboard, we support you every step of the way.

Our implementation specialist works with you to ensure your competency management process is up and running efficiently and effectively. Once you are up and running, ongoing support is provided by Cognology’s HR qualified customer success team. Our friendly help desk will also be available to assist with any technical support needs.



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