360 Degree Feedback System

Ideal For Small Or Large Scale 360 Needs

Cognology’s online 360 degree feedback system makes it easy to run small scale reviews or fully integrate 360 into your talent management processes.

Tailored To Your Needs

The system is fully customisable. Use your own questionnaire or our library. All fully backed by a friendly and experienced support team.

How Can Cognology 360 Degree Feedback Be Used?

Managed Service

  • Ideal for small leadership development programs or ad-hoc 360 reviews.
  • We setup and run your 360 process for you.


  • Ideal for companies wanting to do larger scale 360 degree feedback.
  • We make it easy to get up and running, you run your feedback processes at-will, we provide support.


  • Ideal for customers wanting to incorporate 360 into their performance and talent management processes.
  • Our expert team help you integrate 360 degree feedback into performance, learning and talent management processes.

Easy Online Form For Respondents

Respondents receive a link by email and use an online form to provide feedback. Responses can include ratings and comments.

Tracking 360s

Cognology comes with a dashboard for visual tracking and automated reminders for easy management.

Reports For Individuals

Participants get rich reports with birds eye view visuals and in-depth details. Pick and choose report elements and tailor to your feedback project needs.

Group Analysis

Identify strengths and common development needs across groups of people.

Fully Customisable Library

Cognology comes pre-loaded with a questionnaire library that you can use as is or modify to suit your needs. You can also load your own competencies and questionnaires.

The library is flexible and supports all common questionnaire and rating scale formats. The system supports an unlimited number of role based questionnaires.

Integrate With Performance Management

For companies looking to integrate 360s into their performance management process, Cognology offers seamless integration. More on our Performance Management System.

Integrate With Talent Management

Integrate 360s into your talent management processes and create robust profiles. More on our Talent Management System.

After Sales Service

Our experienced team help you every step of the way. From a smooth implementation to a successful 360 process completion.





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Pricing for 360 degree feedback is based on the approach you want to use (managed, self-managed or integrated) and the number of people who will receive feedback. Get in touch using the form below for a no obligation quote.

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