360 Degree Feedback

Get feedback from peers, team members, customers and managers. Learn more

Cognology's 360 Degree Feedback software

Agile Feedback

Using Agile Feedback you can give, receive or request feedback at any time. Learn more

Competency Management

Build the capabilities of your people. Learn more

Cognology's Competency Management Software

Compliance Training

Quality compliance courses, less admin. Learn more

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

HR Can Use Agile Technology For Coronavirus Preparation And Management. Learn more

Learning Management

Browse, book, complete, learn. Learn more

Cognology's Learning Management software

Onboarding & Inductions

First impressions and early interactions with your organisation count. Learn more

Cognology's Onboarding software

Performance Management

A solution to suit your size, with the flexibility to do things your way. Learn more

Cognology's Performance Management Software


One place for all your employee records. Learn more

Cognology's Profiles Software

Skills Management

Audit and manage skills across your workforce. Learn more

Manage out of date skills


Visibility, gamification, recognition and more. Learn more

Cognology's Talent Management Software

Talent Management

Visualise & manage performance and potential. Learn more

Cognology's Talent Management software

Work From Home

HR Tools To Manage Your Remote Workforce. Learn more