Onboarding Solutions.

Set your new starters on the path to success.

Build your brand from the inside with content-rich, intuitive onboarding.

The New Starter

  • Induction assistance
  • Comprehensive e-Learning
  • Social enterprise network

The Manager

  • Probationary reviews
  • Compliance management
  • Workflows and two-way checklists

The HR Team

  • Custom form and process designer
  • Digital policy acknowledgements
  • Dashboards and analytics

Don’t let your new starters become turnover statistics.

It’s not just an induction, onboarding doesn’t need to end with the company overview. It’s easy to create personalised, interactive 3-6 month onboarding plans for your new recruits, so they have the tools they need to reach every performance milestone. With best-in-class HR support and functionality it’s easy to connect your employees to your purpose.

  • Custom form builder to fulfil employee and contractor onboarding requirements.
  • A complete solution for e-learning and compliance management.
  • Effortless integration for superior document management workflows.
  • Built-in probationary performance review modules and enterprise ready social tools.
  • Dashboard and two-way progress reporting for new hires and managers.
  • ‘Drag and drop’ functionality to create unique processes for every role, team and department in your organisation.
Onboarding - You've Arrived

It’s your onboarding, your way.

We’ve developed an innovative onboarding system to optimise three key areas within your organisation. New starter experience, HR administration and engagement/retention strategy. Here’s some of the most useful features you can use today.

Onboarding Employment Contract
Onboarding Finding Your Way Around

Simple contract management.

  • Intuitive contract building tools.
  • Digital signature and identity verification.
  • Automated notifications for recruits and leaders.

The best new starter experience.

  • Preboarding – get ahead of the game.
  • Media rich tools to communicate the company vision and strategy.
  • Social engagement, it’s time to meet the team.

Compliance with ease. 

  • Electronic policy acknowledgment and secure information transfer.
  • Store relevant documentation against employee files.
  • ATO integration for efficient processing.
Onboarding Policies
Onboarding Probationary Reviews
Onboarding Analytics

A fail-safe induction process. 

  • Online checklists for new starters, managers and HR.
  • Interactive personalised e-Learning modules.
  • Set and forget compliance training.

Memorable performance management.

  • Inbuilt probationary reviews.
  • Goals, training and feedback components.
  • Employee, manager and HR dashboards.

Evolving retention and engagement.

  • Crossboarding and offboarding.
  • Drill-down analytics and data-driven reporting.
  • Process designer for continuous improvement.

Gifting time to your HR team.

It’s time to automate the manual day to day tasks, leaving your HR team to focus on the heart of your organisation, your people. With built in tools for crossboarding and offboarding tasks, managing employees within your organisation is simple.

Hands-free crossboarding

  • Automate contracts and transfer documentation.
  • Streamline reporting lines and security access.
  • Add additional eLearning and training modules.

Effortless offboarding

  • Simple exit interviews and documentation.
  • Internal checklists and communications to stakeholders.
  • Personalised surveys for retention improvement.

Your organisation is more than technology, it’s about creating the best experience for your people, and that’s why our clients have dedicated HR Manager to develop and adapt best practice onboarding solutions for your company.  From seamless terminology transitions to process implementation, you’ll always be equipped to meet your business goals.

“The Cognology system provides an engaging introduction to AMC Consultants. Allowing us to quickly capture personal information for payroll and develop a comprehensive training module with videos, documents and cultural information as well as compulsory employee policies, and basics like our various office locations around the world”

Human Resources AdvisorAMC Consultants

“I thought the whole process was very straight forward. Follow the link, download contract and read fair work documents and you’re done. Since it’s all online I was able to save a copy of my contract to my phone. I think it’s a great new way of issuing contracts to save paper. The contract can be issued, signed and sent back within minutes cutting out waiting time for both employee and employer”

HR ManagerJunction Australia

“We were so tired of forms and our manual process, more importantly we knew our new recruits to whom we are trying to make a good first impression felt the same! Being a tech company, we wanted an online approach to our onboarding but we wanted to be able to customise it to meet our own needs.  The main reason we continue to use Cognology’s products (we also use their performance management system), is that they are always open to listening to our feedback and ideas for improvement…”

HR ManagerData-Centric Research and Technology Services Company

Take your #1 resource to 100% productivity.

It’s time to revolutionise your company induction. Our specialist consultants can help your tailor the best onboarding program for your organisation. Like to see more? We can help there too, tick the box for a personalised demo and we’ll show you exactly how it works.

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Staff induction kit
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