The Manager’s Guide: Onboarding for the Transport and Logistics Sector.

As many as 70% of staff in the transport and logistics sector work in non-desk jobs.  Most are remote workers – meaning they don’t work in a company office or aren’t in the same physical location or vicinity as management and peers.

It is easy to romanticise these professions.  Truck drivers living solitary but adventurous lives on the great open road.  Pilots in crisp designer uniforms travelling to exotic locations.  Sales reps schmoozing clients in fancy restaurants over long lunches. You might even daydream about the day when you yourself can work from home and wake up in the morning and go to work in your pajamas.

Reality bites

But behind these glamorous images of remote workers lies a reality that sometimes isn’t always all that it is cracked up to be.

Working remotely can create a range of challenges for employees which, without support,  can negatively affect performance, motivation and engagement. Luckily, there are ways for managers to keep the lines of communication open with remote staff and ensure they always feel front and centre within the team.

Download our Manager’s Guide to Onboarding for the Transport and Logistics Sector and give your remote employees the ultimate onboarding experience without even stepping foot in the office.

Managers Guide to Onboarding - Transport and Logistics cover

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