What is performance management?

Goal setting is one of the keys to success.

Without goals we are wandering around doing things here and there without a focus. How can you achieve something unless you have set a goal to reach?

Top athletes, entrepreneurs and leading businesses all have one thing in common. They have goals and they succeed by regularly seeking feedback on their progress to achieving their goals. They use the feedback to adjust the things that aren’t working for them and to know what is working well. Winners are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Partners in success

Employee performance management is all about creating a partnership between employees and the organisation. An organisation that shares what is to be achieved and how to achieve it is a proven approach to managing people. Getting everyone on the success path with clear organisation goals – and employees working towards those goals, ensures success.

Where would you rather work?

Performance management infographic
Performance management infographic

Organisation A – the place to be

Organisation A is rewarded with higher:

  • retention rates
  • revenue generation
  • employee satisfaction
  • productivity


Performance management

How does performance management work?

Imagine you have been given the job to lead a team of people to achieve something. Where would you start, what would you do, how would you achieve the outcome?

Competencies are great

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Cognology's performance management system

Performance Management System

Our performance management system includes an objective library to make setting goals easier. The library includes pre-written goals that can be modified based on the roles in your organisation and the strategic plan.