Competency Assessment Template Form

If you are going to assess the competencies of an individual person you’ll need two things:

  1. The competencies you want to assess
  2. An assessment template

If you are going to assess the competencies of a group of people you’ll also need a competency assessment process.

Which Competencies Will You Assess?

A key component of the competency assessment process is the competencies being assessed. You may already know which ones you want to assess or perhaps your company has its own competencies. If you are unsure a good place to start is:

Who Will Assess The Competencies?

Once you’ve established the competencies you want to assess you need to determine the best person or people to complete the assessment (sometimes called a competency review).

There’s a number of choices and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are:

  • The person / employee being assessed
  • A person’s manager
  • A subject matter expert
  • Assessment centre
  • 360 degree feedback

Sometimes a combination of people is used. A typical approach in many companies is for a person to complete a self-assessment with their manager also completing an assessment. One advantage of this approach is that the person needs to self-reflect in order to complete the assessment. Being able to complete this self assessment and then compare it to the manager’s assessment helps identify gaps and differences in perception.

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Competency Assessment Template Form

A typical competency assessment form will have these components:

  • The name of the person being assessed
  • The name of the assessor
  • The date of the assessment
  • A list of competencies
  • A space for an assessment
  • A space for comments

The competencies can come in different forms ranging from simple statements to more detailed specifications of assessment criteria.

The assessment usually comes in the form of a rating of which there are many different approaches.

Below is an example of a simple competency assessment template form for a small set of leadership competencies. It uses a rating scale to assess the degree of competence.

Template for Competency Assessments

What You Need Beyond The Competency Assessment Form

A competency assessment form needs to be used within the context of a competency assessment process. This is because the process doesn’t stop with the assessment.

Depending on the number of people being assessed a competency based assessment tool will be indispensable. One reason why is that you’ll have a wealth of information that you can then analyse at a group level. But beyond that planning, coordinating and managing assessments for a group of people starts to become difficult to do manually as the number of people grows.

Cognology’s competency assessment software provides all of the essentials of a competency based assessment tool. It also comes with a library of competencies and is easily configured for those who have their own set of competencies.


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