Driving a High Productivity Culture in Transport and Logistics through Agile Performance Management

As a nation, we rely heavily on the transport and logistics sector to move products from suppliers to customers.  Businesses and individuals expect to be able to order and receive goods faster and more flexibly than ever before – and their expectations are only increasing.  The transport and logistics sector is under unprecedented pressure to deliver a better service at an ever lower cost.  

Importance of transport and logistics to our economy

The strength of our transport and logistics providers affect our economy.  How efficiently we can move goods affects how much we can produce as a nation.  This in turn impacts our national income, employment and ultimately our living standards.  

The Australian transport and logistics industry adds $131.6 billion a year or 8.6% to gross domestic product (GDP) annually.  To put this in perspective, just a 1% increase in our productivity can yield a $2 billion boost to our economy each year. [1]

Transport and logistics is all about people

New technology is often hailed as the answer to increasing efficiencies and staying competitive in transport and logistics. Some of the industry’s most labour intensive processes – from warehousing to delivery – are on the way to being fully or partially automated.

In our race to keep up with technological innovation, it is easy to forget about the people in the equation.  Yet this industry really is all about the people.  The success of any operator, be it an international freighter or a local courier, depends almost entirely on the quality of its employees.  So outside of technology advancements and automation, it makes sense that the best place to look for productivity improvements is in the workforce.

Agile performance management increases workforce productivity

One of the most powerful tools in HR’s arsenal for driving productivity is an agile performance management process.  Which is why Cognology is excited to present our new white paper specifically for the transport and logistics sector.  Hot off the press, it reveals how agile performance management not only improves individual performance but also drives a high productivity culture.

What you’ll find in the whitepaper

  • See the latest evidence of how Agile Performance Management can assist with the unique challenges faced by the Transport and Logistics industry
  • We unveil what makes Agile Performance Management different to traditional approaches
  • Explore our step-by-step guide to the modern Performance Management cycle
  • Consider more creative and flexible options for designing your Agile Performance Management system
  • Benefit from great practical advice and tips from our team of experts

Is your performance management process keeping pace?

Transport and logistics is facing immense change driven by global competition, new technology and changing customer expectations.  The sector is growing rapidly but workforce development isn’t keeping pace. Productivity is at risk.

With an ageing workforce, taking advantage of the experience of older workers to train the next generation will be key, as will introducing new skills and knowledge to prepare them for the future. Agile performance management is the linchpin to bring all this together.

Take a look at our performance management white paper for Transport and Logistics. It’s free to download and will take your performance reviews to the next level.