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With Balanced Scorecard

Cognology is an easy to use and affordable Performance Management System that supports the Balanced Scorecard approach designed by Dr Robert Kaplan of Harvard University and Dr David Norton.

Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning tool that ensures adequate focus on these key areas of a business:

  • Financial
  • Customers
  • Internal Process
  • Learning & Growth

By supporting the Balanced Scorecard approach, the Cognology performance management system enables you to cascade goals from the organisation to employees in a robust manner.

How can Cognology Performance Management be used?

Traditional Performance

Ideal for automation
  • Ideal for companies looking to automate their existing process.


Ideal to improve growth
  • Ideal for customers looking to use feedback to improve growth.

Agile Performance

Ideal for teams, project work and changing needs
  • Ideal for cross functional teams, project work and changing needs.

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Everything You’re Expecting With Room For Growth

Cognology includes all of the performance features you need.

  • Goals
  • Competencies
  • Feedback and check-ins

Plus some you may not be expecting:

  • Development plans
  • Career plans
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SMART Goals Library

Improve the quality of goals by using the SMART Goals Library. Use our pre-written goals or add your own.

The library reduces workload for managers and their team members while the SMART format ensures better quality results.

Automated Tracking And Workflow

Give your workload a helping hand with automated workflow and tracking. Cognology supports multiple workflows for different groups.

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Pricing for Performance Management is based on:

  • The number of employees or contractors in your company
  • The capabilities you need in your performance management process

Our friendly team are available to provide you with a no obligation quote.

The Agile Approach

Modern performance management is so much more than the annual review. Cognology includes support for:



Regular feedback image

Regular feedback.

Forward looking focus

Forward looking development focus.

SmartDesigner Gives You Flexibility

Cognology is the only Performance Management system with SmartDesigner. This capability future proofs your performance management system by providing incredible flexibility.

Create simple processes

Create simple processes.

Detailed processes

Detailed processes.

Multiple processes

Multiple processes for different organisation groups.

Comprehensive Reporting

To get the most value out of your performance management process, great reporting is a must. Whether you are looking to find out who your highest performers are or the common development needs for a group, you’ll find a report at hand. Powerful filtering puts you in control and lets you hone in on the data you want to see.


Powerful reporting feature

Dedicated Manager

The Cognology system comes with your own dedicated HR Relationship Manager to ensure your implementation goes smoothly and you continue to enjoy the full benefits of what our software can do for you.

Cognology’s support team is 100% Australia based.



360 Degree Feedback

Optionally utilise 360 degree feedback to enhance your performance and development processes.

Strengths and Development Needs graph

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Integrate With Your Systems

  • HRIS
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment & Applicant Tracking
  • Single Sign-On
  • Active Directory



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