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Jack Ma – The Magician that Conjured Alibaba

It seemed appropriate that after profiling Jeff Bezos I should take a look at Jack Ma, the Chairman and founder of China’s answer to Amazon, Alibaba. Jack Ma (real name Ma Yun) started Alibaba in 1999 as a means to harness the power of the internet to link Chinese exporters to local and international business […]

The Link Between Onboarding and NFP Financial Sustainability

The 2017 Australian Institute of Directors NFP Governance and Performance Study has revealed that financial sustainability continues to be a major concern for many Not For Profit (NFP) organisations and their boards. 49% of Directors report that their income for the next financial year will be highly variable or uncertain.1 Unfortunately, most NFP’s will never […]

When Onboarding isn’t just Onboarding…

One of the things I remember fondly (or perhaps not so fondly) as a HR Generalist, was the endless chasing of paperwork. Whenever there was a new policy that had to be signed, or even something as simple as an RSVP to the end of year Christmas Party, I always seemed to be banging down […]