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Onboarding for events

From your first day at school to every new role you take in your career, first days are hard. Meeting new people, remembering names, finding your way through buildings and trying to get a head start in your role make for an exhausting first three months.

Giving your new hire a headstart to the induction process is a great way to ease some of the pressure for the first three months, and there’s no reason why this process needs to begin on the first day in the office.

New employee letters give new starters offer an exciting confirmation of their employment, straight after the acceptance of their new role and provide clarity around their expectations for the first few weeks in the role.

Creating this first touchpoint is invaluable to you as a manager, it sets a tone of the culture the new starter will experience within your company, building on the impression you’ve set during the recruitment process. It keeps your new starter engaged, and gives you the opportunity to define the first few weeks of their employment.

From an administrative perspective, a new employee welcome letter is a good chance to cover some of the HR and payroll based documentation that your new starter needs to complete. It’s all about productivity, and the last thing you need is your new talent caught up in paperwork.

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