Back in 1982 when kids were playing on a Skedoodle, the movie E.T. was released and David Bowie was belting out ‘Let’s Dance’, my father bought me a Microbee computer. He told me ‘you better learn how to use that, computers are gonna be huge’. Together with some geek buddies and a voice synthesizer we programmed it to set an alarm in the morning (‘Wake up, federation ships are approaching’). I studied machine code and that iconic piece of technology changed my life. I could see a career in computing.

In 1988 I joined Westpac Bank in Hamilton, Victoria. I learned so much from this experience (and I still have a nostalgia towards proof machines!) My journey from the country to the city in 1990 was fuelled by my desire to create IT solutions. A move to Sydney in 1993 was the turning point when I recognised a need to develop HR software. I left the bank and started my own company – Cognology.

We were originally a developer of custom-built Human Resource software. Some major projects included:

  • Software design for a $1 billion salary, share and bonus review process.
  • Remuneration packaging for a company with more than 23000 employees.
  • Application support for a large competency assessment and redeployment exercise for over 15000 employees.

In 2010 we shifted our focus entirely to people management software. I wanted us to become a product company so we could dedicate the time needed to make something great.

I’m very proud of our staff. We have a vision to build the technology to make the new world of work possible.

Our online people management platform now empowers more than 250 businesses to design and implement cutting edge talent strategy across their entire employee lifecycle – from onboarding, performance management and learning through to retention and talent profiling.

The future is all about people, their skills and bringing them together at the right time to achieve outcomes.

Jon Windust
CEO and Founder of Cognology

Our people

We’re a team of HR professionals, software developers and problem solvers.

Brought together by a shared passion for technology which empowers people to work together more effectively, we work tirelessly to tailor a solution to every client’s unique needs.

We’d love to hear about your opportunities, challenges and needs – and to help you bring your people together to achieve great things.

Meet some of our team

The Viking King

Jon Windust

Cognology is a coming together of Jon’s passion for technology and his fascination with how people work together. If Jon had to be stuck on a deserted island with three celebrities, he would take Captain Cook, Churchill and Peter Drucker.

The Sommelier

Aaron Greeno
Business Development Manager

Aaron enjoys connecting Cognology’s great technology and team of people with the common people management challenges many organisations are trying to solve. His ideal world might see James Halliday’s rating scale combined with performance management.

The Nug Connoisseur

Karen Willshire
HR Relationship Manager

Karen is a passionate people person and loves hearing how others bring their people together. At Cognology she builds on creating innovative client solutions using our people technology. To keep up her love for chicken nuggets, Karen enjoys staying active and going to group fitness classes.

Phar Lap

Brad Dodemond
HR Relationship Manager

“Love what you do” is the mantra by which Brad lives. He loves helping our clients implement HR best practice and coming up with unique solutions to solve their problems. In his spare time Brad likes collecting expensive University degrees and road cycling.


System Administrator and Support Analyst

Camille Dawas
System Administrator and Support Analyst

Camille’s focus is on application support and customer service. She is one of our most loved employees (both by our clients and our own staff!). We are fairly certain that Camille is a ninja assassin in her spare time…

Code Daemon

Hemantha Mudannayake
Senior Software Engineer

Hemantha is an experienced software developer passionate about creating simple, elegant and effective software solutions to business problems.
He loves to keep up with new trends in software technologies. In his free time he goes cycling spends time with his family and contributes to open source.