Elegant, easy and flexible

Cognology is an agile performance management system.  It combines ease of use for your people with flexibility to do things your way.

Meet Lara

Watch this 45 second video showing how Cognology helps this Manager with performance management.

Cognology's dashboard

A wonderfully easy performance management system

Choose goals from a library. Record feedback with the easy web interface. Use our competencies or yours. Get insight with the dashboard.

Do things your way

Cognology includes an amazing designer that lets you control how your performance management process works. You can even have multiple designs.

Samples from Cognology's performance management system
Cognology's performance management system on mobile

Mobile & Social

Accessible at your desk, in transit or on the shop floor.  With beautiful integration to social recognition.

Agile Performance Management

Cognology supports both traditional performance management and the newer agile approach. Help your people do regular check-ins, keep feedback notes, record coaching conversations and optionally crowdsource for feedback.

Agile performance management

What you get

All of these great capabilities and more.

Performance Management System competencies


  • Library
  • Behaviours
  • Optional 360 degree feedback
Performance Management System Goals


  • Alignment
  • Library
  • Performance Plan
  • Review
Performance Management System reports


  • Individual reports
  • Manager reports
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
Performance Management System Learning


  • Development Plan
  • Learning Resource capability
  • Optional LMS


  • HRMS integration
  • Email templates
  • Library editor
  • Designer

Our Clients

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Cognology's is hosted or on-premise

Super easy to get started

Your Cognology performance management system is hosted, which means:

  • You don’t need servers
  • No special software is needed, you just need a web browser
  • You won’t need in-house IT support
  • We backup your data
  • We do regular upgrades

We also have an on-premise solution if preferred.

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