Get your future team off to a flying start with Cognology Onboarding

First Impressions count! Create a positive one with our onboarding system. Cognology onboarding will streamline your processes to reduce paper work and double handling. Our software can be configured to your sector and individual requirements.

Companies that have a successful onboarding program, enjoy a higher employee engagement and reduced turnover rates. The team at Cognology can help you with this plus much more!

Cognology’s onboarding platform will give your future employees:

  • A seamless onboarding experience
  • Clearly defined and engagingly delivered expectations
  • 24/7 access to tailored learning opportunities and training requirements to help them conveniently ‘level-up’ their skills
  • An opportunity to virtually meet and interact with colleagues, thus reducing that ‘newbie feeling’
  • Easy access via mobile, tablet &/ desktop
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Onboarding at Cognology

Onboarding just got easier

Let our intuitive platform do the grunt work for you and give your future employees that ‘hit the ground running’ feeling from day one!

When you spend less time shuffling papers, photocopying and double handling, you will have more time to brief hiring managers and importantly, more time to give new recruits all the necessary information they need before they walk through the door.

Automating onboarding tasks enables HR managers to spend more time on the social and cultural elements of onboarding. It also results in 18% greater achievement of the employee’s first performance goals as well as 16% higher new hire retention rates – Aberdene Group

Book a demonstration to experience first hand how Cognology can provide you with: 

  • A fully customised portal that can house important and relevant new hire information
  • Seamless integration with your learning management system
  • An easy forms management flow to make the new hire paperwork a breeze
  • A built-in option for Probationary performance reviews
  • Dashboard and progress reporting on where new hires and their managers are up to in the onboarding process
  • Enterprise ready social tools
  • The ability to create a different process for every level, department, team and/or specialist area via our simple ‘drag and drop’ features.

Onboarding Facts and Figures

Fact is that 79% HR leaders believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem (and 26% see it as urgent). We know that you understand how important onboarding is to ensure retention, engagement, satisfaction, productivity, but does your boss?

Six statistics to share with your decision makers…

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Onboarding fact 3
Onboarding fact 4
Onboarding fact 5
Onboarding fact 6

Here is how our Onboarding Software works

  • Onboarding Welcome

    Easy to use online interface

  • Electronic forms and policies

    Manage contracts, automate notifications and forms, with simple and straightforward acknowledgement

  • Company strategy

    Communicate strategy and information on products and services

  • New starter assistance

    Include pictures, maps, videos and more

  • Social integration

    Introduce the team

  • Compliance training

    In-house or 3rd party elearning

  • Probationary reviews

    Set goals, plan training and record feedback

  • Dashboards and analytics

    For Managers and HR Coordinators

  • Design

    Create and edit your own processes

  • Accessible anywhere

    From any device

Like to know more about onboarding?

Jon Windust, our CEO, shares his experiences and views regarding onboarding and other common HR topics in the Cognology blog.

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Juhi King

“Cognology onboarding provides easy employee  information collection and forms automation efficiencies, but more importantly gives you an opportunity to impress new hires”.

Juhi KingHR Tech Girl

“I thought the whole process was very straight forward. Follow the link, download contract and read fair work documents and you’re done.

Since it’s all online I was able to save a copy of my contract to my phone. I think it’s a great new way of issuing contracts to save paper. The contract can be issued, signed and sent back within minutes cutting out waiting time for both employee and employer”.

JillA happy new user

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Give your new hires a great start, even before day one. Reduce workload for your HR workload and start adding more strategic value to your organisation.

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