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    Understand your people and capabilities better.

    Smart software to help you profile employee competencies, identify development needs, and build your talent pipeline.

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What we do

Cognology builds software to make outstanding people management easy.

Our platform empowers over 250 businesses to design and implement cutting edge talent strategy across their entire employee lifecycle – from onboarding, performance management and learning through to retention and talent profiling.

The Cognology platform is modular, cloud-based and completely configurable to each client’s needs.

Our purpose

The world of work is changing, hurtling toward a more connected, collaborative and fast-paced future.

We believe technology is one of the core drivers of this transformation of work – and that we have the opportunity to harness the power of technology to fundamentally improve the way people collaborate and work together.

Cognology exists to bring people together to achieve great things. We build technology which empowers people to collaborate more seamlessly, productively and successfully.

Our story

Cognology started as

We live in a world which is faster and
more competitive than any other time in history.

To stay ahead of the curve, a deep understanding
of your people and capabilities is essential.