What is performance appraisal?

The achievement of an organisation’s goals rests with it’s people. The more talented the people and the better they are managed and coordinated toward those goals the greater the chance of success. Performance appraisal is all about providing a way to do this.

Successful performance appraisal infographic

Set goals together

The performance appraisal process starts with a manager and employee setting goals for the year together. The most effective goals are measurable and have easy to understand performance standards.

Regular feedback

Regular informal feedback is given on the employee’s specific achievements and learning progress. A half yearly meeting is used to review achievements, identify any performance issues and plan any further development needs.

Poor performance appraisal infographic

Determine skill gaps

The employee needs a specific set of skills and knowledge to meet their goals. At the start of the year the manager and employee need to determine whether there are any gaps between the skills needed and the skills the employee has. A plan is created to build those skills.

Reward achievements

At the end of the year a formal meeting is used to review performance. Many organizations have a reward process that is based on performance. This includes salary increases, bonus payments, share options and other incentives.


Agile performance management

Why Agile Performance Management?

In this article you’ll find an easy to understand explanation of Agile Performance Management and its benefits. But before we jump in, let’s understand why Agile Performance Management is needed.

Writing SMART goals and objectives

How to write SMART goals

It’s important that people know how their objectives align with the organisations goals. In this article we’ll show you how to write objectives. The sort that motivate.

Cognology's performance management system

Performance Management System

Our performance management system includes an objective library to make setting goals easier.  The library includes pre-written goals that can be modified based on the roles in your organisation and the strategic plan.