Introducing Agile Feedback in Cognology

Over the last few weeks, we’ve started rolling out an exciting new capability in Cognology – Agile Feedback! We’ve been testing this internally for a few months now and absolutely love it, and we can’t wait to hear what our clients think. Here’s what’s happening. First things first – what is Agile Feedback? For those […]

Employee learning

The Best Learning and Development Research of 2016: Part 1

Formal and Informal Learning in the Workplace: A Research Review Last year saw a host of learning and development studies published that provided interesting (and potentially game-changing) insight into how we learn at work. I’ve picked out three that I think have the potential to kick your 2017 learning strategies up a gear, and will […]

Right or Wrong? The Science of Onboarding

A whopping 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days. That figure rises even more sharply among millennials, who average a little over six jobs between the ages of 18 and 25¹. Effective onboarding has never been more important. For me, one of the most interesting onboarding issues is how organisations can tailor […]

Performance Management Research

Top Research Takeaways of 2016: Performance Management

Those of you who caught my October article on Upgrading Performance Management will be familiar with the trends and changes that shook up the field in 2016. Since Human Resources is constantly evolving, I thought I’d give you a jump on your 2017 planning with a quick run down of the three studies that, for […]

Disrupting HR

Disrupting Human Resources

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year. Karen, Brad, Jon and Louise of Cognology Disrupting Human Resources This isn’t a new topic. Everyone from world famous entrepreneurs to the guy on the street has an opinion on Human Resources – and they’re rarely flattering. We’ve all read […]

Training Tomorrow's Leaders

Management Mistakes 101: Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

Picture this; you’re a fresh-faced leader just getting to grips with your new role. Your main bugbear? One team member who is underperforming. It doesn’t matter how many SMART goals you set and performance conversations you have, over the next few months this individual fails to pull their socks up. To an experienced leader, this […]

Management Mistakes 101: Managing Missed Deadlines

We’ve all seen it. Everyone in the team is working flat out, their eyes fixed on an impending deadline they can’t miss. Everyone that is, except one. This individual may be working just as hard as the others, or they may be actively disengaged, but their failure to meet defined deadlines is dragging down the […]