Jon Windust

How do you know you are ready to be a leader?

There are two elements to this answer. One is the desire to be a leader.  The other is possessing some of the skills needed to be a leader. The motivation to be a leader can come from a number of places.  The desire to collaborate with a group of people is a good starting point, […]

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How profitable is human resources management?

HR impacts profit but it’s not as visible as functions like sales, marketing and customer success.  The reason behind this is that the impact is not direct.  HR impacts the functions that have a direct impact on profit. The question is “how profitable”?  The answer to that depends on the quality of the HR function.  […]

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett – Not your average billionaire

This blog will be the first in a series of posts profiling some of today’s most successful business leaders. Each leader is recognised as a trailblazer in their own right; entrepreneurs and visionaries who have dared to challenge the status quo and write their own rules. This series will explore their different leadership styles and […]

Jon Windust

How Do I Onboard Someone Into My Team?

The basics Be there for the new team member. Introduce them to the right people. Have all the resources in place. Everyone has horror stories about arriving on their first day and not having a desk, computer, phone, manager or clue on what to do next. Don’t be a horror story. HR will take care […]

Jon Windust

An Exceptional Person Has Arrived On My Team. What Do I Do Next?

“An exceptional person has arrived on my team. What do I do next?” Talented people are few and far between. You have been blessed. The first thing to know is that treating them well is not going to be enough. Talented people aren’t into coming to work, doing a job, going home and collecting a […]

Clear performance targets

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learnt About Goals As A CEO

You don’t need to have an MBA to be familiar with the concept of “competitive advantage.” From just-in-time inventorying to disruptive innovation, we’re always looking for the newest technique to get a leg up on the competition. But newer doesn’t always mean better, especially when leaders fail to take the time to learn about what […]