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“Cognology’s expertise and customer service went beyond all expectations.”

Inspector Daryl Clifton, Performance Enhancement Program (PEP), Human Resources Development Department, Victoria Police.

About Cognology

Cognology is an Australian company making Talent Management software for the future of work. Over 250 businesses use Cognology to empower cutting edge talent strategy.

We build technology to help our clients with performance, engagement, retention and learning for their entire employment lifecycle. Our research and development efforts are continually looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to execute business strategy, develop their people and do great things together.

The world of work is changing. It’s becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical. Our achievements over the last 3 years have helped our clients to make this a reality. Freelancers, contractors and consultants are becoming commonplace. We’re fascinated by this shift and how we can use technology to bring together teams of permanent employees with mobile talent.

Performance and talent management has made great strides in the last few years. Organisations at the forefront are using newer and more effective methods of leading their people. We believe in this new approach and love being a part of making it happen.

The team at Cognology

Our solution is one of the best talent management products on the market. We are constantly asking how we can make things easier for our customers, and then making sure it happens. Our CEO is right there at the coal-face when it comes to creativity and innovation. We ask ourselves everyday ‘how can we do this better?’ and ‘will our customers find this essential and useful?’

We employ a mix of people to make it all happen for our customers. Real HR people with insightful people skills help deliver practical, useful solutions to make our customers successful. From implementation to training and ongoing improvements, our HR people keep our customers happy so that we can continue to innovate.

Louise Bieniara

We revel in the fact that our customers love our work

Our software developers (born problem solvers), system administrators (love technology and keeping the network humming) and our support staff (customer advocates) are the core of our Cognology team.

Software developers
Software developer

“We wanted to involve people from 6 countries in the 360 degree process in two languages, and Cognology’s service was excellent; – efficient, flexible and highly responsive to our needs.”

Keith Cundale, PriceWaterhouse Coopers